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Quality Control

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IQC (Incoming Quality Control)

Incoming is the source of quality control. If the source is well controlled, the subsequent production will be relatively easy. First of all, it is necessary to understand where the incoming parts are used in the product, and what impact each part will have on the product. What is important is the customer's requirements for the parts. The second is to select suitable suppliers according to the function of the parts and the processing technology to ensure the quality of the parts and save costs. At the same time, the supplier should be informed of the quality control points of the parts and components, and try to ensure that the supplier's control points and inspection methods are consistent with the company's IQC inspection methods and instruments, and prepare inspection specifications.

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IPQC (In-process Quality Control)

In-process quality control is more difficult than the other two because it involves a wide range, so the first inspection, patrol inspection, and final inspection need to be treated carefully; secondly, the self-inspection of employees is also very important, and it is necessary to fully realize that "quality is the It came out, it was not checked out.” The confirmation of the quality of the first product should be checked from the appearance, size, performance, version, and model of the drawing, model, etc., and the assembly end and the engineering end should be confirmed. During the inspection of the process, the inspection frequency and inspection items should be determined according to the part structure and the stability of the machine. Tail inspection (final inspection) can effectively curb the outflow of defective products, and the sampling ratio should be reasonably selected with the production batch and structure.

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OQC (Outgoing Quality Control)

Each product needs to be re-inspected on the packaging, logo, quantity, weight, model, etc. before outgoing. At the same time, a small amount of products will be selected for inspection of appearance, size and performance, so as to reduce the probability of outflow of defective products.

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