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Smart Large Screen

Market Overview

As dawn breaks over the educational landscape, smart education large screens breathe life into classrooms, transcending traditional confines and birthing a realm where knowledge dances on the fingertips of both educators and learners.

Smart education large screens involve the integration of advanced information technology, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence to create intelligent screens that combine interactivity, multimedia, and real-time capabilities for educational and instructional scenarios.

The canvas of smart education large screens extends beyond classroom walls, encompassing the fertile grounds of schools, educational institutions, and training centers. These large screens, heralds of a new era, offer more than content display. By melding content, performance, resources, and intellect, they weave a harmonious tapestry, creating a realm where education transforms into a personalized journey.

Smart Class with Large Screen

JWIPC has introduced OPS module solutions based on the Intel platform architecture, including options such as S092PT, S092HT, S102T, and S102HT. These OPS modules are all equipped with Intel's advanced processors, providing support for a range of computing and graphics processing needs across diverse educational scenarios.

S092PT: Featuring Intel's 11th Gen TGL-H CPU, it showcases images and videos as masterpieces. Its multimedia prowess and interactive enchantment elevate the art of teaching.

S092HT: Also equipped with Intel's 11th Gen TGL-H CPU, this module is tailored for teaching applications with higher computing demands, such as virtual experiments and 3D model displays, delivering enhanced computational capabilities.

S102T: Utilizing Intel's 12th Gen ADL-S CPU, this module offers stable and efficient computing performance, suitable for displaying and interacting with most teaching content.

S102HT: Similarly powered by Intel's 12th Gen ADL-H CPU, this module further enhances performance from the S102T model, making it suitable for complex scenarios and high-performance demands, such as large-scale graphics rendering and high-definition video playback.

Advantages and Benefits

Powerful Computing and Graphics Processing

JWIPC OPS modules leverage advanced Intel processors, providing high-performance computing and exceptional graphics processing capabilities, ensuring the smooth presentation of teaching content and high-quality image and video rendering.

Diverse Interactive Functions

Smart education large screens are equipped with a range of interactive features, supporting touch, handwriting, and other interactive modes that foster student engagement and collaborative learning, enhancing teaching interactivity and effectiveness.

Data Integration and Personalized Support

OPS modules provide real-time displays of student attendance, grades, and teaching resources, leveraging data analysis to offer personalized learning support and feedback to students, enhancing teaching efficiency and personalized education levels.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

With standardized design and user-friendly installation and maintenance features, smart education large screens bring intelligent, efficient, and personalized teaching experiences to educational institutions and schools. This drives the education industry towards digitization and smart transformation, aligning with the continuous development of future educational technologies.

JWIPC product and highlights

Arm Motherboard


Intel TGL-H platform

Dual SO-DIMM DDR4, Dual M.2 2280 SSD

Support HDMI 2.0 & DP 1.2

Support M.2 2230 WiFi Module

Arm Motherboard


Intel TGL-H platform

Dual SO-DIMM DDR4, M.2 2280 SSD

Support HDMI 2.0 & DP 1.2

Support M.2 2230 WiFi Module

TPM/vPro Optional

Retail Motherboard


Intel Alder Lake-S platform


M.2 2280 SSD Slot, SATA/NVME  SSD

Support M.2 2230 WIFI/BT slot

Support DP 1.2, HDMI 2.0(80pin)

Support TPM2.0(Option)

Retail Motherboard


Intel Alder Lake-H/P/U platform



WIFI/BT module, PCIe 3.0, support CNV

DP1.2, HDMI1.4, HDMI IN,HDMI 2.0(80PIN)

Support TPM2.0, vPro and AMT

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