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SD-WAN in Smart Light Pole

Project introduction

With the encouragement of relevant policies and technical support, our country's smart light pole industry will usher in an unprecedented peak of development. As revolutionary new wireless, 5G will establish a new mobile communication network to serve the needs of future smart cities. In the construction of smart cities, the construction of 5G equipment has become an important part of the implementation of 5G. As the transmission channel of the IoT, 5G is very suitable for being placed on smart light poles that can be seen everywhere. JWIPC, the intelligent industrial-grade AIOT gateway is perfectly applied to smart light poles. On the one hand, it meets the needs of a large number of 5G equipment layouts. On the other hand, smart street lights, as the data entrance of smart cities, integrate smart lighting, LED display, security monitoring, and micro-environment. Detection, one-key alarm, charging pile, traffic lights, and other functions. As SD WAN solution providers, The JWIPC The intelligent industrial AIOT solution not only solves the core data processing of the last mile but also accelerates the construction of 5G micro base stations while meeting the functional requirements of smart light poles, becoming the basic equipment for dense networking in the 5G era with excellent hardware technology.

Program Features of SDWAN

  • Unified management: unified development, testing, deployment, and management, compatible with most mainstream platforms, simplifying complexity and reducing operating costs.

  • Easy deployment: breakthrough poor architecture, flexible networking, and easy deployment.

  • Reduce operation and maintenance cost: more than 40% of IT operation and maintenance costs.

  • Function integration: such as products for industrial scenarios, integrating routers, serial servers, industrial hosts, and industrial switches.

  • Network upgrade: Provide a rationale and efficient transmission network, and also improve enterprise network security protection.

Project Advantage

JWIPC fully integrate the R&D advantages of the IoT division and the communication division, and take advantage of the different architectures from ARM and X86 to launch desktop and rack-mounted hardware forms, including commercial-grade and industrial-grade products to match different scenarios .

Based on the characteristics of low power consumption, strong processing of the ARM architecture, industrial-grade 5G AIOT and commercial-grade SDWAN have been built, which are used for industry 4.0, power and petrochemical energy information security, smart poles, outdoor cabinets, and other digital acquisition in smart digital cities. Computing transmission gateway, SME cloud terminal SDWAN, and other applications;

Based on the high processing power and high graphics processing power of X86, the rack-mounted C3000 series SDWAN products have been launched, which are managed SD WAN solutions-retail store management and catering management under the cloud scenario interconnection.

JWIPC will help customers redefine and deploy SDWAN construction through the advantages in IT and CT, as well as strong hardware design capabilities and software driving capabilities, help users reduce costs and increase efficiency, and better support the digital transformation of the user side, and strive to develop products for customers that are more in line with the needs of the 5G era.

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