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Sustainable Policy

Green Business Philosophy

Under the current severe ecological situation and the trend of green development, low-carbon emission reduction has become a common goal of the international community. JWIPC adheres to the global energy transition trend, supports various sustainable development and environmental protection initiatives, and complies with environmental laws and international standards. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) is part of our mission, and JWIPC continuously integrates the concept of "green environmental protection" throughout the product lifecycle and business processes.

Energy-saving Innovative Design

Low-power processors and efficient power supplies, high-integration motherboards, and modularized whole-machine design reduce material usage and simplify cables. Products adopt modular design, reduce the number of locking screws, and achieve tool-free installation. Ga-N/Si-C MOSFET reduces power consumption, thereby realizing fanless power supply design, and overall reducing carbon emissions.

Environmental Recycle package

Easy-to-maintain, replaceable, and environmentally friendly components maximize the lifespan of the entire machine and reduce the generation of waste parts. The detachable design allows internal components of the product to be easily replaced and reused, reducing the "carbon footprint" of the entire product lifecycle, meeting the modern society's demand for green energy-saving products. Packaging materials are recyclable and free from harmful substances, complying with EU packaging directives and other national requirements.

Green Production Manufacturing

The factory strictly complies with various environmental management systems in production and operation activities, strictly controlling exhaust gas, wastewater, solid waste, and noise emissions, all meeting the standard requirements. To ensure a green production process, numerous new machines complete data sorting electronically. Production equipment uses internal circulation filtration to avoid pollution, and the solder paste, solder bars, and fluxes used in production are all environmentally friendly materials, effectively reducing harm to the environment and human health.

Paperless Office

The company consistently implements green environmental protection and energy-saving emission reduction, promotes paperless office and process optimization, and adopts online OA approval processes to reduce paper usage. The company is constantly optimising carbon emissions through every subtle change, thus contributing a lot to the UK, EU and other countries and industries around the world to move towards environmentally friendly, green and sustainable development.

Conflict Minerals

Mining activities are crucial to the Congolese economy. However, some mines are controlled by radical organizations and have caused serious social and environmental problems in the region:

*Serious human rights violations, theft, and extortion

*Control of mineral resources and violent use of taxation

*Forced labor and child labor

*Limited development plan - manual and small-scale mining

*The impact of protected areas, deforestation

We JWIPC will ensure that the supply chain does not use gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), tin (Sn), etc. produced from mining areas in conflict areas controlled by non-governmental military groups or non-military factions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Metal minerals (3TG for short), illegal mining profits obtained by relevant local military groups are stolen from citizens, and have caused human rights violations and environmental degradation in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our company firmly opposes and severely condemns this.

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