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The First Exhibition of the New Year: JWIPC in ISE 2023

ISE 2023, the world's most successful, largest and most commercial audio-visual and system integration exhibition, officially kicked off in Barcelona, Spain at 10 a.m. on January 31st.


ISE served as the first show of JWIPC in 2023. At this global audio-visual feast, JWIPC brought a new 12th-generation OPS computer, eight series of MINI PCs, all-in-one PCs, conference audio and video solutions and other equipment. Moreover, its wireless intelligent conference solution was also exhibited overseas for the first time. During the exhibition, the JWIPC booth was full of people. The brand new VI vision brilliantly presents innovative audio-visual technologies and products, bringing new value to the digital display world.


Create a smarter world of display with high-end quality



In 2011, Intel, JWIPC and TV ecological partners jointly formulated the OPS standard and promoted it globally. At this exhibition, we not only showed the hot-selling products in the past but also brought the new 12th-generation Alder Lake platform OPS and OPS-C standard products.

Unlimited enjoyment, collaborative office

Wireless Smart Conference Solution


The JWIPC wireless intelligent conference solution debuted overseas for the first time. JWIPC M3+S2 intelligent audio and video conference system includes M3 audio and video conference all-in-one machine and S2 intelligent conference control terminal, which is a video collaboration solution specially designed for small and medium-sized conference rooms. Using this solution can effectively solve the shortcomings of traditional conferences such as cumbersome deployment, complicated use, poor conference data sharing effect, and incomplete video display.

One machine with multiple functions

M2 video conferencing/live broadcast host


The JWIPC M2 video conferencing/live broadcast host is developed based on the Intel Tiger Lake-U platform. The whole machine adopts a multi-functional integrated design, coupled with the application of technologies such as high performance, high expansion and extremely fast network transmission, it can easily help traditional medium and large conference rooms to quickly transform into intelligent conference rooms. Not only that but the M2 host device can also be used in live broadcast scenarios.

High efficiency, minimalist, extraordinary

All-in-one product


All JWIPC's all-in-one products combine beauty and performance perfectly. Among them, the brand-new 12th generation Alder Lake platform A2436 23.8-inch all-in-one machine, an optional innovative pop-up camera, with DVD functions; rich product interfaces meet the unique needs of different industries; The strong heat dissipation design meets the needs of high-power CPUs, giving full play to the overclocking function of the CPU, and with a high-definition display, it is suitable for gaming entertainment, design office, and other scenarios.

Small size, showing the high-definition world

Mini PC series


JWIPC is committed to becoming a benchmark enterprise in the field of MINI PCs, providing customers with high-quality product development and customized services for application scenarios in different industries. JWIPC displayed a rich product line of MINI PC series at the exhibition site, including eight series of products: D series, K series, N series, H series, T series, Z series, C series and L series, which can be applied to various scenarios such as home office, digital signage, and self-service.

In the future, JWIPC will further realize the global layout, pay close attention to the market situation and feedback, actively explore the cutting-edge technology fields of the industry,  providing better products and services for global customers.

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