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The Hardcore Conference Product You Need: JWIPC Intelligent M2 Conference Host

Enterprise decentralization and international expansion have made the remote office a common practice for large and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, seamless communication anytime and anywhere has become a common requirement for enterprise meetings, and video conferencing has emerged to meet this need.

To help enterprises quickly move from traditional meeting rooms to intelligent ones, the JWIPC M2 conference host stands out with its multi-functional integrated design, high performance, scalability, and ultra-fast network transmission, creating a super-collaborative meeting office environment with ease.


High-performance chip provides more stability and higher quality

High-definition picture quality, smooth network, and audio and video encoding and decoding capabilities are important factors for video conferencing. Based on the 11th generation Intel Core processor, the JWIPC M2 conference host has outstanding parallel processing capabilities with an integrated Ruixiang® Xe graphics card, dual-channel memory, and 2 M.2 SSD storage, which brings faster data transmission and processing. This means that the host not only supports high-definition but can also handle multiple audio and video encodings in a shorter time; at the same time, the MXM independent graphics card expansion capability achieves super-computing power, greatly improving video processing efficiency.

High-speed network, truly "face-to-face" experience

The M2 conference host provides two network ports, supporting 2.5Gbps and 1Gbps wired networks, as well as WIFI 6 and 5G module expansion. Diversity in network choices and high-speed and stable network connection abilities provide "face-to-face" barrier-free interactive communication for attendees and guarantee low latency and smooth streaming of video during the meeting, ensuring real-time interaction without stuttering.

Multi-dimensional expansion meets different meeting demands

With dual HDMI IN channels, high-definition cameras, laptops, and other external devices can be connected; high-speed USB3.2 interfaces can also be used to expand 4K USB cameras, easily meeting the upgrade needs of different conference rooms. With dual HDMI OUT channels, file and video screen sharing are supported, left screen content display, right screen personnel interaction, and more display options are provided for large and medium meeting rooms.


Equipped with enterprise-level noise-canceling microphone, easily solve common problems in conference rooms such as noise and unclear sound. Dual microphone expansion inputs cover all angles of large conference scenes without confusion, providing a clearer and smoother communication experience.

Four USB2.0 ports support more external peripherals such as mice and keyboards; the Type-C interface can be used to connect wireless projection devices, easily solving complicated wiring problems. To meet the custom control peripheral needs of high-end enterprises, the M2 conference host also comes with a Phoenix terminal that supports RS-232, I2C, and 4 GPIOs.


Emergency power supply, not afraid of power outages

To cope with emergency power outages and ensure uninterrupted meetings, the JWIPC M2 conference host is equipped with an emergency battery box that can support up to 20 minutes of emergency power supply(optional), preventing sudden host power outages. The power box has an enterprise-level noise-canceling array microphone, which can have clear conversations even in open meeting environments.


Flexible configuration, select what you want

To adapt to different meeting requirements, JWIPC provides customers with flexible selection of devices such as wireless projection equipment, projection control equipment, and different specifications of audio and video peripherals, covering a wide range of video conferencing scenes such as small, medium, and large conference rooms. The JWIPC M2 conference host is compatible with popular conference software on the market, such as Zoom, Webex, Tencent, and DingTalk, and can bring high-quality and efficient video conferencing experience to enterprises.

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