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To Escort Network Data Security

In recent years, the rapid development of information technology and means such as networks, big data, and the Internet of Things, and information technology means have penetrated into all aspects of people's production and life, and have profoundly affected the country's economic and social development. In order to win more development space, network data switch has widespreaded in every area whether it is the government, enterprises, banks, or hospitals have upgraded cloud services. However, the continuous emergence of data breaches has seriously affected consumer confidence and personal and property safety. With the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, face recognition, and fingerprint recognition, data security has become more important.

Facing the new challenges of network security and ensuring the safe exchange of data between internal and external networks, JWIPC has launched the 2U standard rack-mounted gatekeeper, which realizes the separation between classified networks and external non-classified networks through proprietary network isolation hardware. It can help governments, enterprises, banks, hospitals, and other places complete internal and external network file exchange and database synchronization, and escort network security in the digital economy era.

Excellent Performance Per Watt

JWIPC product adopts Intel ATOM C3000 series processors and is based on Intel's optimized 14nm process technology. C3000 series processors are chips specially launched by Intel for various low-power, high-density, and high-IO integrated light expansion workloads. With up to 16 cores and large cache, it can provide powerful computing power for network devices or IoT devices.

Intel QAT Acceleration Technology

Based on the Intel Atom C3000 processor, the device integrates Intel QuickAssist technology, designed to improve network responsiveness and security for distributed performance core applications. Using Intel QuickAssist technology for data encryption and decryption, users can use some of the most powerful Encrypting Software. Accelerators boost the performance of a single application, such as secure encryption or financial computing, while reducing power consumption.

Speeding Data Transfer

In the DT era, concepts such as big data analysis and situational awareness have begun to take root in the hearts of the people, and the amount of data is increasing all the time. The core value of a gatekeeper lies in secure data exchange, file synchronization, and database synchronization. Facing the current demand for data exchange at the terabyte level, only a gatekeeper with higher performance can achieve more efficient data exchange.JWIPC product supports two 10G SFP+ interfaces, helping users to solve the problem of 10G network security isolation and TB-level big data security exchange. At the same time, it supports 6 RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 groups of network module expansion, which can better meet the market demand.

High-security Performance

Improve work efficiency and realize the exchange of internal network and business network information. JWIPC product built-in PCIeX8 slot is connected to standard PCIe isolation network card, which provides a comprehensive security guarantee for user enterprise network data. While realizing data exchange, it ensures the security of the intranet network and provides hardware support for security protection applications such as intrusion prevention, virus defense, application security, and security auditing. At the same time, the device supports dual-channel UDIMM DDR4 memory, which can be expanded up to 64GB for faster data exchange.

Helping the digital transformation of various industries, JWIPC Smart Network Security builds trusted data transfer channels between internal and external networks, focusing on enhancing the ease of use of security management, improving efficiency, creating a safe and efficient network, and helping governments, enterprises, hospitals and other places to effectively to cope with the new challenges of isolation exchange and information security in the era of big data.

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