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What Are the Applications of Embedded Motherboards?

Embedded motherboards are typically referred to as CPU boards that are integrated into equipment for control and data processing, acting as the central processing unit of the device. Embedded devices have stringent requirements for size and power consumption, including heat dissipation from the embedded motherboard. The standard architecture of embedded systems encompasses two major processing systems: Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) and Complex Instruction Set Computing (CISC).

In recent years, embedded technology has experienced rapid growth, leading to its extensive application in various industries. The characteristics of the embedded industry are quite prominent, with involvement in fields such as mobile phones, PDAs, car navigation, industrial control, military applications, and multimedia terminals. Embedded motherboards find their main application environments in sectors such as finance, petrochemicals, geological exploration, field-portable devices, environmental protection, military systems, power generation, railways, highways, aerospace, and subway systems.

Common types of embedded motherboards include 3.5-inch boards, PC104 boards, MINI-ITX, PICO-ITX, NANO-ITX, ETX, etc.

JWIPC embedded motherboard application sharing

Embedded motherboards applied in fruit sorting machine visual inspection

The advancement of agriculture has led to an increasing demand for intelligent production equipment. In response to this, customers are utilizing fruit sorting systems that employ machine vision and AI algorithms to achieve precise classification and packaging of fruits. These systems leverage deep learning techniques to gather information such as fruit type, size, and color, thereby enhancing the value of agricultural products.

Embedded motherboards applied in logistics sorting automation

Intelligent logistics sorting automation leverages machine vision to accurately identify, analyze, and distribute packages, resulting in lower error rates and costs compared to manual handling, while also improving overall efficiency. Customers not only demand multi-camera access for industrial control machines but also require robust I/O and expansion capabilities to connect with a wide range of peripherals.

Embedded motherboards applied in photovoltaic equipment fully automatic optical inspection applications

he customer, a global leader in crystalline silicon solar cell production equipment manufacturing, aims to offer end-users a fully automated optical inspection machine for SMT production lines. They are seeking a machine vision control solution that is more suitable to their needs, with the objectives of cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and enhanced accuracy in crystal defect detection for end-users.

Embedded motherboards applied in 3C industry laser cutting applications

In the 3C industry, laser cutting processing is characterized by its non-contact nature and the handling of small and diverse component types. The customer employs an industrial board integrated with a numerical control system to achieve high-precision processing through visual positioning and guidance. This approach reduces the reliance on costly precision card fixtures, enhances equipment accuracy, and lowers processing costs.
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