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What Makes an All-in-one Computer Unique

Nowadays, people's demand for space is increasing, which also promotes the development of science and technology to thin and light technology. Look at the digital products around us, such as mobile phones and cameras, which attract consumers' attention in a thinner and lighter manner. The technology of processor and graphics card is constantly innovating. Compared with desktop computers with the same performance, all-in-one computers are thinner and lighter, which is more in line with the development needs of today's market.

The appearance of all-in-one computer

In terms of appearance, the all-in-one machine abandons the bulky body of the traditional computer "married with children", and has an advantage in appearance with a rather light and concise design. There are no messy threads and no disordered accessories. Make it beautiful and elegant in appearance and convenient to place. An ordinary small table at home can be placed freely.

Power consumption of all-in-one computer

In terms of power consumption, it has lower power consumption due to the LED LCD screen and heat pipe cooling system and the notebook's structural design. It is about 3/1 of the power consumption of a normal desktop computer.

Performance of all-in-one computer

Many people may wonder whether the performance of the all-in-one computer can't compare with that of ordinary desktop computers while greatly reducing the volume and accessories of the machine. All-in-one computers use the same components as desktop computers. Desktop computers have the same performance as computers, and can be expanded and upgraded. And with a good heat dissipation system, it has excellent performance and is equivalent to a split computer.

Portability of all-in-one computer

The all-in-one computer also has good portability. Because of its high degree of integration, after integrating the host, speakers, cameras, microphones, etc. into the display, it is only necessary to connect the keyboard and mouse, power supply and network cable when using it. If the wireless series is adopted, only one power cable is needed. As the LCD all-in-one machine integrates the host, monitor and speaker, its volume and total weight are smaller than those of ordinary desktop machines, only over ten kilograms, which greatly facilitates users to move the machine. Its internal integration is very high, and the connection of various accessories is directly led out from PCB, which saves a lot of data cables in the past. In addition, the small body also saves the big packaging and transportation costs in the past.

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