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What's the Difference Between Switch Computers and Routers?

What is the difference between a switch computer and a router? Switch computers connect multiple devices to form a local area network (LAN) IP.  Switch computers appeared much earlier than routers, so routers can be considered an upgraded version of switch computers. However, the two are related and independent of each other. Routers have improved in many aspects, such as resolving missing data packet forwarding issues. This article briefly introduces the differences between routers and switch computers, so let's take a look.

Different uses

Switch computers are mainly used to connect LANs, while routers are needed to connect the internet as they are more compatible due to their later appearance. Generally, personal users do not need routers, as they are commonly used by households, companies or organizations.

Different functions

Routers can connect multiple electronic devices and allocate IPs, allowing multiple hosts to share a single IP, but it appears as only one IP address externally. The primary function of switch computers is to connect multiple hosts, each with its own IP address, to create a scenario where multiple IP addresses work together.

Different working levels

The difference between routers and switch computers is primarily reflected in different layers at which they operate. Switch computers work at the second layer, which is the data link layer of the OSI model. Routers work at the third layer, which is the network layer of the OSI model. This is mainly because the principle of switch computers is simpler, so routers have a higher level and a wider range of functions.

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