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Wireless Screen Sharing

Market Overview:

In an era defined by technological leaps, the allure of wireless screen sharing is spearheading a renaissance in multimedia experiences. Its allure lies in its convenience and adaptability, a revolution that liberates us from the shackles of traditional wired connections. This liberation paints a canvas of seamless content transfer, a tapestry of borderless connectivity that transcends devices and boundaries.

JWIPC Wireless Screen Sharing Solution

Based on a comprehensive understanding of the diversity, usage scenarios, and pain points of wireless screen sharing products in the market, JWIPC has introduced the JW TR2-C Wireless Screen Sharing Solution. This solution focuses on practicality, excellent user experience, full-scene coverage, and comprehensive ecosystem support.

The JW TR2-C Wireless Screen Sharing Solution is an efficient, stable, and flexible wireless screen sharing solution aimed at facilitating convenient content sharing and presentation for users. This solution consists of the T2 Wireless Screen Sharing Device and the R2 Wireless Receiver, combining advanced wireless transmission technology with user-friendly design to deliver an exceptional screen sharing experience.

T2 Wireless Screen Sharing Dongle: Provides 1 Type-C interface, Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 4.2; compact and practical, product size is 71x186x13mm, and a maximum resolution of 4096*2160.

R2 Wireless Receiver: Provides 1 HDMI interface, 1 Type-C interface, 1 Type-A interface, Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 4.2, and a maximum resolution of 4096*2160.

Advantages and Benefits

Plug and Play, No Driver Needed

Bid adieu to complex installations and driver dilemmas. JWIPC's creations require no drivers, effortlessly harmonizing with mainstream screen sharing terminals. The result? A frictionless screen sharing ballet, where connection transcends complication.

Cross-Software Ecosystem Disruption

JW TR2-C tears down ecosystem barriers. Behold the magic of seamless connections across Windows, Android, and iOS realms, a feat that bestows users with the liberty to choose and shift across platforms. The notion of limitations vanishes, users are no longer limited to specific operating systems or devices. They can freely choose and switch between different platforms and enjoy a consistent wireless screen sharing experience.

No Wiring, No Internet Required

Unshackle from wired intricacies and network connection. The T2 and R2 synergize to craft a local area network sans complications. This eliminates the need for complex wiring operations, enabling rapid setup of wireless screen sharing scenes. Point-to-point high-speed transmission bypasses intermediate nodes or servers, providing lower latency for real-time transmission of screen sharing content, reducing image delay and stuttering issues.

Support for Multiple Receiver Terminals

Users can choose OPS modules, screen sharing terminals, R2 receiving terminals, SDK toolkits, and app software as wireless screen sharing receiving terminals. They can select the appropriate receiving terminal based on specific needs and scenarios to achieve a convenient and efficient wireless screen sharing experience.

Unveil Crystal Clarity

JW TR2-C possesses powerful 4K video decoding capabilities, capable of transmitting and processing ultra-clear resolution images and dynamically adjusting resolutions. Whether used in home entertainment, business presentations, or conference discussions, JW TR2-C can meet your demand for high-quality screen sharing, allowing you to fully enjoy the visual feast brought by exciting content.

5G Wi-Fi High-Speed Transmission

Speed takes center stage with 5G Wi-Fi support. This protocol transforms JW TR2-C into a conduit of swifter data transmission, relinquishing latency's grip during wireless screen sharing. Users can better enjoy high-definition videos, seamless presentations, and real-time interactions.

Private Network Transmission Protocol

Bask in the aura of a private network transmission protocol. JW TR2-C harmonizes transmission algorithms and network protocols, birthing low-latency prowess and high-bandwidth majesty. It also offers excellent stability, ensuring reliable connections and smooth audio-video transmission in different network environments. JWIPC continuously improves and optimizes this protocol based on user needs, delivering enhanced performance and functionality.

JWIPC product and highlights

Intel Ops Slot Pc

T2 Wireless Screen Sharing Dongle

Based on SigmaStar Platform

1 x Type-C

Support WIFI5

Support BT4.2

Ops Slot Computer

R2 Wireless Receiver

Based on SigmaStar Platform

1 x HDMI output

1 x Type-C(As a matching interface)

1 x Type-A(As a power supply interface)

Support WIFI5

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