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The JWIPC desktop MINI PC provides strong support for virtual desktop applications in the office market. These solutions help customers easily build office systems and ensure reliability, security and manageability. Design features such as small size and fanless, this mini pc desktop computer provide you with a clean and relaxing desk.

Types of Desktop MINI PC

What Is The Point of Desktop Mini PCs?

As a desktop office computer, the MINI PC has the advantage of being small in size and does not take up space on the desktop. It can be connected to the back of the monitor by using a standard VESA bracket. In addition, JWIPC MINI PCs all have the advantage of low power consumption. Some MINI PCs adopt a fanless design,  more quiet and energy-saving, which is an ideal choice for office work.

Compared with the tower pc, the MINI PC is smaller and can also meet the same performance. Compared with the notebook and the all-in-one machine, compact desktop computer can configure its own peripherals more flexibly, and can also choose to expand according to its own needs. The size can also be adjusted according to your own office needs, and as small business desktop computers, it is more durable and cost-effective.