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Display Motherboard

Providing customers with stable and reliable commercial display motherboards to help them create intelligent commercial displays. Based on X86 and ARM architecture,JWIPC have full range of display motherboard for options. JWIPC display mainboards have the characteristics of small size, high expansion, and multiple display interfaces. Display motherboard can be applied to various types of terminal equipment such as intelligent terminal equipment, advertising machines, and digital signage players.

Types of Display Motherboard

Features of Digital Signage Motherboard

Digital signage motherboards are mainly used in digital signage players. The main function of motherboard digital display is to display content. Motherboard digital display has superior video display ability as a whole, and generally includes VGA and HDMI common display outputs.

JWIPC digital signage display motherboard is mainly based on Intel and Rockchip platform design, X86 motherboard mainly adopts standard MINI-ITX design, ARM motherboard mainly adopts 3.5-inch, small size, which can be applied to thinner and smaller digital signage equipment. To help customers achieve faster deployment, JWIPC specially develops and designs SPIRIT software suitable for JWIPC ARM motherboards, realizes API settings through interface operation, and realizes a one-click screen motherboard function.